How could we doctor better? (with Nadine Kelly, Yogi MD)

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Once upon a time, a little girl named Nadine Kelly dreamed of becoming a doctor. Life as a pathologist turned out to be a depressive nightmare. Learn how she got unstuck and became the doctor she always wanted to be.

Episode Notes

Dr. Nadine Kelly is a retired physician, yoga instructor, American Council of Exercise certified Health Coach and Senior Exercise Specialist, founder of YOGI M.D. and host of the YOGI M.D. Podcast.  She believes in making yoga accessible to mature women (or as she likes to call them, Wise Women) of all physical levels by offering yoga in the chair, on the yoga mat, and in the water. Since 2012, Nadine has been helping her students to manage the effects of cancer as well as a range of chronic conditions, maintain health and perform activities of daily living, and improve quality of life. Nadine promotes holistic health by coaching women to make every aspect of their health a priority.


Nadine is located in Sawyer, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.


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TV: CAN 19 with Dr. Gloria Peace


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